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So you decided you would like your pet's fur made into yarn. When you start collecting the fur, try and remove any guard hairs (stiff, longer, hairs). These hairs will stick out from the yarn and could be scratchy. Store the fur in a paper bag (fold top over) in a dry place. On occasion, push down on the fur to get rid of extra air space. Depending on what you want to use the yarn for, will determine how much fur to send in.  For example, a hat (depending on stitch) can need anywhere from 6-9 ounces of yarn.

Your first decision is whether you would like a 2ply or 3 ply yarn. My suggestion is that if your pet's fur is on the short side, go with the 3 ply. This will give you a stronger yarn. If your pet's fur is over 2" long, you could go with the 2 ply for a sporty style yarn.

Here is an example of Siberian Husky yarn, 2 ply on the left and 3 ply on the right.    The 3 ply yarn has a more round, full shape in my opinion.

This is approximately 3 ounces of Red/White Siberian Husky yarn, 3 ply.

Before sending your fur to be processed, please email us so that we can tell you how and where to send the fur.

The cost for spinning your pet's fur into yarn is $12 per ounce. This includes carding (prespinning technique), spinning, washing, plying and shipping via USPS. Excepted methods of payments are Pay Pal, money order and cashiers check. When the yarn is completed, you will receive an invoice either via email or postal mail. Once payment has been received, you will be notified that your yarn has been sent out.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to fill out the form below.

Here are some examples of things made with dog yarn (hat & scarf pictures courtesy of Phyllis Dickinson).

These items are made with Siberian Husky yarn that has approximately 25% of wool added to the yarn.



This neck scrunchie was made from 100% Siberian Husky yarn.


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